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Ensuring that Chester County abounds with healthy natural areas, robust farms, cherished historic sites, diverse housing, thriving businesses, quality education, accessible transportation, and vibrant communities for all will require significant leadership, collaboration, and inclusion. Guided by the core principles of resource preservation, revitalized centers, housing diversity, transportation choices, collaboration, and resiliency and with support from across our communities, the vision for Chester County can become a reality. Successful implementation is key to realizing the vision across all of our landscapes and within all of our communities.

This chapter consolidates the plan's recommendations across the six goal areas and includes further detail to assist in implementing the recommendations.


The metrics to track progress on implementation for each goal area are also included. The metrics will be assessed annually to determine if plan implementation is on track. After base year data are established, the results will be published each year with recognition of projects and programs advanced during the year. In addition to the numeric metrics, Measuring Success includes events and completed projects that have supported the implementation of Landscapes3.

The implementation tables identify each recommendation, classified by goal area, and include the following:


Priorities are assigned for each recommendation based on multiple inputs, including the public survey, stakeholder feedback, the Landscapes3 Steering Committee, and the Chester County Planning Commission. The priorities are intended as guidelines and should not restrict acting on opportunities as they arise. Priorities should be interpreted as follows:

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Implementing parties are entities essential to successful implementation, either through leadership, assistance, or active participation in the identified activities. Description of the implementing parties are included in the appendix.

Beyond the organizations identified on the implementation tables, there is always a role for residents. Whether through participation in a program, active membership in a listed implementation party, or individual practices on their own property, the residents of the county can significantly help achieve the vision and goals for the county.


Activities that implementing parties can undertake to advance achievement of the recommendation are identified. These categories indicate the type of implementation activity that is most crucial to success, although activities beyond these categories are likely to be necessary to fully implement the recommendation. Activities include the following categories: