In 2045… Chester County abounds with healthy natural areas, robust farms, cherished historic sites, diverse housing, thriving businesses, quality education, accessible transportation, and vibrant communities for all.



Our vision for Chester County focuses on place, choice, and community. We are striving to embrace places, enhance choices, and engage communities as we continue to balance preservation and growth in the county.

Achieving our vision will require targeted education efforts, planning, technical assistance, programs and services, regulation, and construction. More broadly, achieving our vision will require leadership, collaboration, and inclusion. As we work to make our vision a reality across the decades to come, we will need to bring together our communities and implement smart planning principles that benefit our social, economic, and environmental health.

By focusing on working across boundaries, considering character and design of new development, and adapting and innovating for a changing world, our vision for Chester County can become reality across all of our landscapes and within all of our communities.

Balancing preservation and growth remains the central theme of Landscapes. To continue this balance, Landscapes3 recommits to core principles that will position the county and its municipalities for success:

Resource Preservation

Recommit to protecting the county's open spaces, natural areas, and historic landscapes

Revitalized Centers

Guide compatible growth to the county's urban and suburban centers

Housing Diversity

Provide for diverse and affordable housing meeting the needs of all residents

Transportation Choices

Expand public transit, pedestrian, and bicycle networks


Promote effective multi-municipal and partner cooperation


Respond to changing markets, technology and environmental forces

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